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Autumn is back to celebrate Pi day! (3/14/2021) - In this video, Autumn and I talk about the number Pi, what it means and some of the history behind it. Autumn, for Pi day (3/14), recites the first 40 digits of Pi from memory! Continue reading
My 2018 NCTM Presentation: Story Archetypes in Mathematics Curricula (4/19/2018) - How is the Eureka Math/EngageNY math curriculum like the STAR WARS saga? Attend my 2018 NCTM presentation in Washington DC next week to find out! Continue reading
Ken Ono: Gems of Ramanujan and their Lasting Impact on Mathematics, Lecture 1 (2/12/2018) - In this video, mathematician Ken Ono talks about the mathematical research of Ramanujan. This is the first of three lectures Ken gave as part of LSU's Pasquale Porcelli Lecture Series. Continue reading
You can use pictures to explain column addition! (3/1/2017) - In this video, Autumn shows how to add two large numbers using column addition (The Addition Algorithm). In the process, she explains how column addition works using pictures. Continue reading
More Good News: Middle School Students’ Scores Jump with Eureka Math (12/22/2016) - Students at a group of six New York city schools show significant improvement after the introduction of Eureka Math. Continue reading
Tim Nguyen: The Perturbative Approach to Path Integrals (12/16/2016) - In this video, Tim Nguyen gives an awesome explanation of part of a subject that Richard Feynman once claimed, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." Continue reading
Why should a parallelogram also be a trapezoid? The answer may surprise you. (11/29/2016) - Find out the real reasons why parallelograms should also be considered trapezoids. Continue reading
MSU is Tearing Down Obstacles to Science and Engineering Degrees (11/22/2016) - Michigan State University is leading the country in improving its beginning math courses for STEM and non-STEM majors. Go Spartans! Continue reading
A little self-love? Blah… (11/11/2016) - On the big list of things to do, making a biography of myself is at the very bottom of the priority list.  It’s one of those things you eventually get roped into doing for other reasons.  I’ve finally created a short … Continue reading
Learning Division Facts: Numbers that are Products of Two 1-digit Numbers (6/27/2016) - In this video, 7-year old Autumn and I show an activity that helps students learn the division facts if they already know the multiplication facts. Continue reading
Mathematician Pallavi Dani – Divergence in Right-angled Coxeter Groups (5/31/2016) - LSU mathematician Pallavi Dani talks about using geometry to study problems in algebra and vice versa in her research. Continue reading
But Honey, You do know the Multiplication Table! (5/13/2016) - In this video, 7-year-old Autumn proves to herself that she knows the entire multiplication table. Along the way, she summarizes lots of great strategies for learning the facts. Continue reading
Fraction Multiplication via Skip Counting! (4/11/2016) - In this video, 7-year-old Autumn shows how to use skip counting to do fraction multiplication and division. Watch as she calculates 7 x 2/3 as well as 4 4/5 ÷ 2/5 in her head! Continue reading
A Portrait of an Inspiring Teacher: Fred Reusch (4/6/2016) - Teachers: If you were asked to leave your profession to be an administrator or even to write a history-making curriculum, would you? Read about an awe-inspiring teacher and his decision. Continue reading
Clayton Shonkwiler: Research Seminar on Applications of Geometry and Topology to Random Walks (3/28/2016) - Clayton Shonkwiler gives an advanced seminar on applications of geometry and topology to random walks/polygons and polymer physics. Continue reading
Can an atom have two nuclei? An inquisitive child wants to know! (3/21/2016) - My 7-year-old daughter, Autumn, recently asked, "Can an atom have two cores (two nuclei)?" Wait, everyone knows that an atom can have only one nucleus. What a silly question. Or is it? Continue reading
The Washington Post: Many parents hated Common Core math at first, before figuring it out (2/7/2016) - Parents did not understand at first, but now they appreciate Eureka Math. Read the article by Jay Mathews. Continue reading
Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler: An Advanced Perspective (1/20/2016) - In this episode, Clayton Shonkwiler discusses random polygons at a graduate level, including why roughly 84% of all triangles are obtuse. Continue reading
Growing up with Eureka Live: Mathematical reasons for introducing a different solution method (12/29/2015) - In this video, 7 year old Autumn answers math questions in front of a live audience! Watch her win everyone's heart. Continue reading
Holiday Math Special: In the 12 Days of Christmas song, which of the presents do you get the most? (12/26/2015) - In this holiday math special video, Autumn asks the question, "In the 12 days of Christmas, which of the presents do you get the most?" Enjoy the singing! Continue reading
Multiplying by 25 (12/22/2015) - In this video, 7-year-old(!) Autumn shows how easy it is to multiply a number by 25. The accompanying article explains why teaching this method is important for preparing children for Algebra. Continue reading
Woman Superhero T-Shirt Challenge (11/25/2015) - Autumn asked, "Why don't you wear a girl superhero T-shirt for our videos, dad?" And I said, "Why not? Absolutely!" But we need your help... Continue reading
Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler talks about Polymer Science (11/19/2015) - In this episode, we meet Clayton Shonkwiler, a mathematician from Colorado State University, who talks to us about applications of geometry and topology to the study of random polygons and polymer science. Continue reading
Variables made easy (10/16/2015) - In this video, 6-year-old Autumn explains that a variable in an expression can be thought of as a "slot" that a number can be inserted into. Watch her do arithmetic with "slots" (i.e., variables)! Continue reading
Building the ⟨Sci|State⟩ Studio—a weekend in time lapse. (10/12/2015) - Watch how to build a sound/video stage with green screen and a light board at 15x speed. The studio is for videos like "Geometry and Topology Today." Continue reading
Something fun: What it is like to be the son of Captain Derivative (10/7/2015) - Something Fun: Extra, Extra! Captain Derivative does polynomial interpolation, connects long lost data points together again. Continue reading
Adam Saltz speaks on an annular refinement of the transverse element in Khovanov homology (10/6/2015) - In this seminar video, Adam Saltz explains a recent result of his on transverse knots. Continue reading
Testing out the new Green Screen (Plus a bonus 14×16 calculation) (9/8/2015) - Which background screen should we use for Geometry and Topology Today? Take the poll! Continue reading
Powers of 2 (8/17/2015) - In this video, 6-year-old Autumn explains the meaning of "2 to the power of 4." Continue reading
An article on how Eureka Math began. (8/6/2015) - A nice article by Leigh Guidry on the creation of @Eureka_Math and how the math curriculum has helped raised student test results in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Continue reading
Electric Girls: Shaping Role Models in Technology (8/5/2015) - Girls soldering, drilling, building circuits? Why, of course! Duh. Continue reading
The Secrets of my Teaching Success: James Tanton (8/3/2015) - I recently asked James Tanton, "What are some of the secrets for your success as a teacher?" Here's what he said. Continue reading
Something fun: Have you ever used a ruler to measure a Snafoose? (7/21/2015) - Have you ever tried to measure a Snafoose while riding a goose? Continue reading
What is the sum 1+2+3+4+…+24+25? (7/8/2015) - In this video, 6-year-old Autumn shows how she found the sum 1+2+3+4+....+24+25. Continue reading
Eureka Math Curriculum: A Breakout Hit (6/29/2015) - Who are the real breakout hits behind the Eureka Math/EngageNY Curriculum? Continue reading
In Memory of Dr. Dolores Margaret Richard Spikes (6/10/2015) - Thank you for your contributions to mathematics, Dr. Spikes. Continue reading
A Quick Comparison of a State Assessment and Eureka Math (6/9/2015) - We compare types of problems expected on new state assessments with examples from the Eureka Math curriculum. Continue reading
Meet Mathematician Jeremy Van Horn-Morris (6/2/2015) - In this episode we meet mathematician Jeremy Van Horn-Morris, who talks about some geometric and visual tools used to understand questions concerning the motion of particles. Continue reading
Skip Counting with Fractions (5/25/2015) - In this "Growing up with Eureka" video, 6-year-old Autumn shows how to skip count by fractions 1/2, 1/3, and 1/5. Continue reading
Ben McCarty plays “Swing that Hammer” (5/20/2015) - Listen to mathematician Ben McCarty sing "Swing that Hammer" using a Breedlove guitar. Continue reading
Remarks on the History of Ratios (5/14/2015) - What was the definition of ratio used 2400 years ago? Jim Madden expounds on the different definitions of ratio used throughout the centuries. Continue reading
Subtraction Problems with Kittens (4/29/2015) - Watch 6 year-old Autumn use Eureka Math methods to subtract two numbers, including 1017-999 in her head. Continue reading
Ratios, ordered pairs versus points, proportional relationships, and proportions (4/22/2015) - What are ratios, proportional relationships, and proportions according to the CCSS-M progressions documents, and what is the difference between a point and an ordered pair? Continue reading
A big NCTM thanks and next year’s talk (4/21/2015) - A big thanks to all the people who attended my NCTM talk, and a question: Would you like to see my daughter Autumn do some Eureka Math at next year's NCTM meeting? Continue reading
I’m at the NCTM meeting this week and would like to meet you! (4/15/2015) - Want to talk the lead writer and mathematician of the Eureka Math/EngageNY curriculum? Here's your chance at the NCTM national meeting! Continue reading
Meet Mathematician Aaron Lauda (4/9/2015) - What did mathematician Aaron Lauda do when he proved one of his big theorems? Watch and find out! Continue reading
‘Eureka Math’ Embeds Real-World Problems in PreK-12 Mathematics Lessons (4/6/2015) - Find out what I think is a beautiful problem with an elegant solution by reading Jessica Hughes' article, "'Eureka Math' Embeds Real-World Problems in PreK-12 Mathematics Lessons," published at the Center for Digital Education. Continue reading
Pleasurable Adding (4/1/2015) - Can you add as fast as a 6 year-old? See how Autumn uses techniques from Eureka Math to add two numbers, including 999+64. Continue reading
Common Core, Eureka Math shake up Louisiana classrooms (3/31/2015) - Find out the difference between the Common Core State Standards and the Eureka Math Curriculum from Phil Daro and Lynne Munson in this article by Jessica Williams. Continue reading
Interview with Thomas Lam on electrical networks (3/9/2015) - Today we talk with Thomas Lam, professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan, about electrical networks. Geometry and Topology Today is a "news show" on state-of-the-art mathematics research discussed for a general audience. Continue reading’s Review of Eureka Math (3/4/2015) - Only one curriculum stood out from the pack. Can you guess which one? Continue reading
The Mardi Gras Problem (3/1/2015) - At a recent family-friendly Mardi Gras parade, Autumn and I wondered: How many beads does a float rider need to buy for a Mardi Gras parade? Continue reading
Fluency without Equivocation (2/23/2015) - What is the difference between fluency and blind memorization, and how does the EngageNY math curriculum achieve automaticity? Read on to find out! Continue reading
Multiplying by 9 (2/16/2015) - In this video, 6-year-old Autumn shows how easy it is to multiply by 9. Watch her multiply 18x9 in her head and explain how she did it! Continue reading
Learning to Multiply, Part III (2/13/2015) - In the grand finale and Part III of a three part series, we put the two skills learned in Part I and Part II together to show an easy way to start to learn the basics of multiplying. Continue reading
Learning to Multiply, Part II (2/11/2015) - In this video on learning to multiply, Autumn shows how skip count by 10s, 3s, 5s, and 4s. In the grand finale, Part III, we put the skills learned from Part I and Part II together! Continue reading
Learning to Multiply, Part I (2/9/2015) - Intended Audience: Teachers and parents of K-5 students This Growing Up With Eureka video is Part I of a three part series on how to start the process of learning to multiply with your child/students. By “start the process” I mean we … Continue reading
Line arrangements from an advanced perspective (2/6/2015) - We continue our conversation with mathematician Moshe Cohen, who now discusses line arrangements from an advanced perspective. Continue reading
Meet some of the writers of Eureka Math (2/5/2015) - What I love about this short video is that it highlights three of the many talented teacher-writers that worked on Eureka Math with me. Continue reading
Interview with Moshe Cohen (2/2/2015) - Geometry and Topology Today is a "news show" on state-of-the-art mathematics research discussed for a general audience (including young people in high school). Today we talk with Moshe Cohen. Continue reading
100th Day of School (2/2/2015) - On the 100th day of first grade, Autumn asked me if we could do a Growing Up With Eureka based upon the day. Well, yes, of course! Continue reading
Making Science Cool: Solving the Shortage of Math and Science Students (2/1/2015) - In 2011 I was invited by U.S. News and World Report to sit on a panel to discuss how to get students excited about STEM. Continue reading
Singapore Math Adds up for US Teachers (1/30/2015) - A radio interview I did with Voice of America in 2010. Listen to two of my favorite teachers: Johnette Roberts and Gertie Walls! Continue reading
Singapore Math Growing in Popularity (1/30/2015) - An interview with Kim Covington and 12 News from July 1, 2010. Continue reading
Math Expert Dr. Scott Baldridge on “Singapore Math” (1/30/2015) - Watch one of my first television interviews. You can easily tell how nervous I am! Continue reading
Autumn Multiplying 6×7, 7×7, 8×7, etc. (1/26/2015) - Autumn and I explore multiplying 6×7, 7×7, 8×7, etc. using unit math. Continue reading
Alice 3 Demonstration (1/26/2015) - This demonstration is by my (then) 5-year-old daughter Autumn. The software program, Alice, is a great way to help students learn the basics of programming games. Continue reading
Walking up the stairs little girl (1/26/2015) - Autumn's "famous" for being the little girl in the following video used in the Eureka Math/EngageNY Curriculum: Continue reading
Introducing Cube Knots (1/23/2015) - Cube knots are a special way to represent a knot in 3-dimensional space. Check out this video that "flies through" a trefoil knot! Continue reading
Is it okay to write, “1 inch = 13 feet?” to set up a scale factor? (5/9/2013) - Why is this statement incorrect in setting up a ratio relationship? Hint: the = symbol. Continue reading
First grade: Is, “3 girls + 2 boys = 3 kids + 2 kids,” a number sentence? (4/10/2013) - This statement appears to be perfectly okay, but causes problems due to the precise language of mathematics. Continue reading
Simple example of Textbook School Mathematics. (3/1/2013) - An example of Textbook School Mathematics. Continue reading
What is a variable? Part II: Expressions. (2/9/2013) - We describe expressions in this continuation of Part I. Continue reading
What is a proportional relationship? (2/7/2013) - The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) use the term "proportional relationship" throughout the standards. Fortunately, the standards clearly describe what is meant by that term. Continue reading
What is a variable? Part I: Symbols. (2/7/2013) - There are three important types of symbols used in mathematics: constant symbols, placeholder symbols, and operator symbols. Which of the three types is a variable? Continue reading
What is a quantity? (2/6/2013) - makes sense that "3 liters" is a quantity, but what is it really? Learn more by reading this post! Continue reading
Eradicating Textbook School Mathematics (TSM) (2/6/2013) - It is apropos to begin this blog with a short discussion of Textbook School Mathematics (or TSM). Continue reading
Modeling (24÷3)÷2 = 24÷6 (7/14/2012) - Modeling (24÷3)÷2 = 24÷6 in a way that makes sense to a fifth grader is tricky. Continue reading
Teaching my 3-year-old to read. (5/29/2012) - See Autumn learning to read at 3 1/2 years old! (She is now an avid reader at 6.) Continue reading
Hello world! (5/26/2012) - An introduction to my Commentary Channel. Continue reading

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