Engineering School Mathematics-01

Engineering School Mathematics is a blog about writing mathematics curricula.  Find out all sorts of “behind the scenes” questions that were debated or discuss in creating the Eureka/Engage NY  curriculum!

Autumn Channel

Growing up with Eureka is my daughter’s journey in learning mathematics while I was writing the Eureka Math Curriculum.  See how she reacts to my mathematics questions in her video blog.

From Zero To Eureka Channel

From Zero to Eureka is a video blog about doing short problems from the Eureka Math curriculum along with some commentary about how that problem fits into the overall story of the curriculum.

Baldridge Channel

Before Pythagorus, there was no proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.  Similarly, before Scott Baldridge, there were no “Baldridgean Theorems.”  Find out more about theorems I have discovered and proven.  Do not be afraid to explore this section–I plan to pad it with videos and fun stuff related to my theorems.


Geometry and Topology Today is Shea Vela-Vick’s and my attempt to create a television channel where we interview famous (and maybe not so famous) mathematicians about their latest theorems.  The goal is to keep the discussion at the high school/general interest level (read: young people can watch!).

Commentary Channel

Commentary is for any video or written blogs that may not fit into one of the channels above.  Read at your own risk!

News to Me Channel

That’s News to Me is a place to post news about me and my friends, and a place to find out where I am speaking next and how to contact me to visit with your school district, university, television program, radio podcast, etc.

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