This channel is for any video or written blogs that may not fit into one of the channels above.  Read at your own risk!

Recent Posts:

MSU is Tearing Down Obstacles to Science and Engineering Degrees (11/22/2016) - Michigan State University is leading the country in improving its beginning math courses for STEM and non-STEM majors. Go Spartans! Continue reading
A Portrait of an Inspiring Teacher: Fred Reusch (4/6/2016) - Teachers: If you were asked to leave your profession to be an administrator or even to write a history-making curriculum, would you? Read about an awe-inspiring teacher and his decision. Continue reading
Eureka Math Curriculum: A Breakout Hit (6/29/2015) - Who are the real breakout hits behind the Eureka Math/EngageNY Curriculum? Continue reading
Fluency without Equivocation (2/23/2015) - What is the difference between fluency and blind memorization, and how does the EngageNY math curriculum achieve automaticity? Read on to find out! Continue reading
Eradicating Textbook School Mathematics (TSM) (2/6/2013) - It is apropos to begin this blog with a short discussion of Textbook School Mathematics (or TSM). Continue reading
Hello world! (5/26/2012) - An introduction to my Commentary Channel. Continue reading

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