Eureka Math Curriculum: A Breakout Hit

In his opinion article at US.News & World Report, Common Core’s First Breakout HitRobert Pondiscio discusses how the EngageNY curriculum (both the English Language Arts and Mathematics curricula) is being warmly received by school districts and states all across the country:

“I recently obtained data from the New York State Education Department showing that while EngageNY units, lessons and curriculum modules have been downloaded nearly 20 million times as of early May, more than half of those users have been outside of New York. EngageNY may be quietly emerging as Common Core’s first breakout hit.”

Why might Eureka Math/EngageNY be a breakout hit?  There are, of course, a number of reasons.  I hope and think that one of the reasons is because teachers have been searching for and finally found a mathematics curriculum that actually works for them–that they are seeing marked improvement in their students’ understanding of mathematics like no other curriculum before, and that news is spreading across the country.

I think teachers are the real breakout hits.

Plato's_Academy_mosaic_from_PompeiiPlato’s Academy

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