Testing out the new Green Screen (Plus a bonus 14×16 calculation)

This is a test video that Shea and I did to test the new green screen. Shea is spoofing a bit with me—acting all surprise at my ability to calculate 14×16 in my head. He looses it slightly near the end.  (Research mathematicians do a lot more than mental math although we are almost constantly doing mental math: it is just math that is a lot harder than simple arithmetic.) Check out Shea laughing at the end.

The test video is to try the different types of backgrounds we can now use with the new studio setup (and green screen). You can vote which background you like the most here:

This is just an informal poll.  You can comment below if you have a better idea for a background.  For example, Shea’s son wanted whales swimming.  Maybe not quite professional enough for math videos…

Thanks especially goes to Justin Reusch, who came all the way from Austin, Texas to set up—and explain how to set up—the lighting for this type of shoot. You can see his work in the video on our faces (the back-light halo effect on our heads, the side lights and shadows on our faces, etc. ). Thank you, Justin!  Thanks also goes to Hang, who kept the kids busy while we put together the shot.  You can hear the kids in the background playing during the video: like I said, this was just a test video.

Scott and Shea

CHANNEL: Geometry and Topology Today
© 2015 Scott Baldridge and David Shea Vela-Vick
Supported by NSF CAREER grant DMS-0748636 and NSF grant DMS-1249708

About Scott Baldridge

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, LSU. Geometric topologist: gauge theory, exotic 4-manifolds, knot theory. Author: Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.
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