Learning to Multiply, Part III

Audience for this post: Teachers and Parents of K-5 students

In the grand finale and Part III of a three part series, we put the two skills learned in Part I and Part II together to show an easy way to start to learn the basics of multiplying numbers by 2, by 3, by 4, by 5, and by 10.

The three videos show the major “lampposts” along the way: together the videos highlight one of the big subplots of A Story of Units that unfold in the Eureka Math/EngageNY Curriculum in grades K-3. Each lamppost is reached through a variety of mental math/counting activities and pictures that are designed into the curriculum in those grades.

Since this video only shows what it looks like when your students/child has reached the lamppost, I also encourage viewers to make and reply to comments about their experiences in the comment section below.

Next up: We show an easy way to multiply by 9!

CHANNEL: Growing up with Eureka
© 2015 Autumn Baldridge and Scott Baldridge
Supported by NSF CAREER grant DMS-0748636

About Scott Baldridge

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, LSU. Geometric topologist: gauge theory, exotic 4-manifolds, knot theory. Author: Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.
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