An article on how Eureka Math began.

Leigh Guildry wrote a nice piece for The Town Talk newspaper, “How did Eureka Math start? 2 writers answer.”  She traces the steps that I, Robin Ramos, Nell McAnnelly, and Lynne Munson (director of Great Minds) took to develop the Eureka Math/Engage NY curriculum.

She starts with recent test results of students from Rapides Parish School System who were using Eureka Math:

“Rapides [Parish School System] students progressed at almost double the national average on benchmark tests by Discovery Education. Students gained an average of 141 scale score points during the 2014–15 school year, compared to 73 points for students in districts nationally, according to The district more than doubled the average U.S. gains in middle school grades (6–8) and in kindergarten.”

Pretty impressive! Congratulations go to students and their teachers.

The article goes on to interview Pam Goodner, who was the lead writer who worked with me in creating the 12th grade “Precalculus Course.”  (Thank you, Pam, for your hard work.)

Louisiana Bayou, JR Meeker (1884) wiki commons

You can follow Leigh Guidry on twitter at @Leigh_TownTalk.

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