Making Science Cool: Solving the Shortage of Math and Science Students

In 2011 I was delighted to be invited by U.S. News and World Report to sit on a panel to discuss how to get students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and how to stimulate their interest in careers in these same disciplines.

It was quite exciting–panel participants and speakers included two governors (John Engler and Gaston Caperton), an astronaut (Anousheh Ansari), a fashion designer (Marc Ecko), a science photographer (Felice Frankel), and a number of others that you can find out more about by going here.

Part I of the days events include talks by Mortimer Zuckerman, Governor Gaston Caperton, and Governor John Engler:

Part II is the panel discussion that I participated on with a number of outstanding people:

The other people in this video include: Brian Kelly of U.S. News and World Report, Anousheh Ansari of Prodea Systems, Marc Ecko of Marc Ecko Enterprises, Felice C Frankel of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tom Luce of National Math and Science Initiative, Paul Powell of True North Troy Preparatory Charter School, and Linda P Rosen PH.D. of Change the Equation.

I’d like to personally thank Mort Zuckerman and James Long of U.S. News and World Report for inviting me to participate.  It was quite an honor!

You can view a news brief of the days events by watching the video below or by reading Experts: STEM Education Is All About Jobs by Jason Koebler.

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About Scott Baldridge

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, LSU. Geometric topologist: gauge theory, exotic 4-manifolds, knot theory. Author: Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.
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