Ben McCarty plays “Swing that Hammer”

Mathematicians have many talents! In this episode, mathematician Ben McCarty plays and sings the song, “Swing that Hammer.” Ben is a professor of mathematics at the University of Memphis, and the lead mathematician for grades PK-5 of the Eureka Math/EngageNY curriculum.  He coauthored the article “Fluency without Equivocation.”

Ben is here at LSU this week working on a new theorem with me on “special Lagrangian cones,” a type of object that is helpful in studying mirror symmetry from theoretical physics.  I was able to cajole him into playing a song while I recorded.  Ben’s favorite instrument is the banjo, which is probably why his email address is “banjoben.”  In this video, Ben is playing a Breedlove Pro Series C25/CRH guitar.  Enjoy!


CHANNEL: Geometry and Topology Today
© 2015 Scott Baldridge and David Shea Vela-Vick
Supported by NSF CAREER grant DMS-0748636

About Scott Baldridge

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, LSU. Geometric topologist: gauge theory, exotic 4-manifolds, knot theory. Author: Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.
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2 Responses to Ben McCarty plays “Swing that Hammer”

  1. It would be great to get other examples of mathematicians and physicists singing songs. Please add your examples as a comment here!


  2. Eitan Chatav says:

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