Building the ⟨Sci|State⟩ Studio—a weekend in time lapse.

The SciState Studio is finished and we’re all ready for production! In this video, we get a behind the scenes look at some of the finer details of our studio construction. As we embarked on this adventure, one of the first things we learned was that high-quality audio is an essential component of any successful video series. With this in mind, we have outfitted our studio with acoustic insulation panels and installed various other echo reducing components throughout. We also constructed an awesome plexiglass “light board,” which is similar to a traditional whiteboard but doesn’t require one’s back to face the camera. We’re really proud of everything we’ve produced and hope you agree!


We should point out that it takes a real expert (thank you Justin Reusch!) to set up the lighting for the video stage.  You can see how that came out by watching our “Testing out the Green Screen” video.  As a point of comparison, note the terrible sound in the “Testing out the Green Screen” video—that is what the studio sounded like before we built the acoustic insulation panels.

As always, comments are welcome below.

CHANNEL: Geometry and Topology Today
© 2015 Scott Baldridge and David Shea Vela-Vick
Supported by NSF CAREER grant DMS-0748636 and NSF grant DMS-1249708

About Scott Baldridge

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, LSU. Geometric topologist: gauge theory, exotic 4-manifolds, knot theory. Author: Elementary Mathematics for Teachers.
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